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Three Ways to Search the Federal Funding Opportunities List

Search by Federal Agency - Click on an agency button. This will display a list of ARRA funding opportunities issued by the specific federal agency.

Search by Eligible Entity - Click on the button that best describes the entity looking for potential funding opportunities. Note that “Other” includes an array of entities beyond the standard categories.

View the Full List of Funding Opportunities – Click on the “View All Opportunities” button.

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Search Results
Agency Program Name Eligible Entities Funds Available Application Deadline
Agriculture Water and Environmental Program State

$ 143,000,000 Refer to guidance for full application deadline information
Department of the Interior Endangered Species Recovery Fund Unrestricted
$ 784,000 August 2, 2010
Other - NASA B.2 Aircraft Aging and Durability Project (AAD1) Unrestricted
$ 800,000 December 23, 2009
Other - NASA ROA 2009: B.6 Verification and Validation of Flight Critical Systems (VVFCS1) (Recovery Act) Unrestricted
$ 4,850,000 December 16, 2009

Information Displayed for Each Federal Funding Opportunity:

  • Name of the federal agency issuing funding opportunity
  • Name of the program
  • List of entities eligible to apply for funding
  • Total amount of federal funds available for that program
  • Deadline for submitting an application, if available
  • Click on the name of the program for a more detailed description and a link to the full guidance, which includes instructions on the application procedure.

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